I.DOM Document Output Management

l.DOM is our solution to corporate document generation, created from our extensive project experience.

l.DOM streamlines the repeated generation and management of documents for organizations. This includes document generation, editing, and validation of bulk documents, like contracts, insurance forms or personalized mail to customers. L.DOM controls each step of each process.

l.DOM covers the entire document management process, starting with document generation from application data, to quality control, printing, delivery, and classification into corporate archives.

l.DOM converts input into structured documents, and guarantees the generated document’s approval, information security and durability (PDF/A). Our solution vastly reduces human error and solves one of the most sensitive problems in business organization, guaranteeing integrity and reducing costs.

Our system has been developed with Java in order to exploit the full potential of its libraries and Open Source tools. We build open systems that easily integrate into existing corporate frameworks.