l.DOM Installation Featured

Successful l.DOM deployment depends on an optimized integration into existing corporate systems, streamlining the document generation process.

l.DOM is a centralized document generation system. It consolidates document generation and output to a single platform, providing service to various departments and corporate information systems.  This service was developed by our team of engineers, who personally guarantee an seamless installation process.

 The l.DOM implementation service includes:

  • Support for previous applications integration using the l.DOM web service interface.
  • System installation and setup.
  • Integration of L.DOM into existing corporate document management system. If your company doesn’t have one, Linecom proposes installation and setup of Alfresco. Server as a part of the product.
  • Integration of the printing service into corporate printers and external printing centers.
  • Development of document templates and training for company developers.
  • Any additional training and support.


The installation process culminates with the start up of the system. New applications and departments can be easily incorporated in the future.