Why l.DOM?

Perquè Linecom DOM?Reasons to choose l.DOM: Usability, security, cost reduction, and above all, superior control of the data process.


  • l.DOM is based on freeware and open systems. Its web services API (SOAP/REST) easily integrate into any technical infrastructure.
  • Streamlines existing processes, reducing costs.
  • l.DOM is an optimized solution to bulk document generation. It's scalable and allows high-volume usage.
  • Allows users to run quality control for generated documents.
  • l.DOM allows manual data input in cases where there is no application at the data source.
  • With l.DOM, users can manage bulk document printing in corporate printers or external printing centers.
  • l.DOM generates PDF/A documents, guaranteeing document integrity once archived.
  • l.DOM avoids paper waste, archiving generated documents or sending them by e-mail.