Open Source software installation

Open Source product implementation in the integration projects makes the use of standards easier, and reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Linecom integrates Open Source software into the customized environment of our clients, and develop additional components if necessary. These components form the bridge between the corporate specifications and the chosen Open Source application. Together, they provide the right solution to corporate issues such as document generation, intranets and extranets, development frameworks, and more.

As a result, we provide highly reliable, user-friendly low-cost solutions, as well as implementation and maintenance.

opensource 90101455-300pxLinecom specializes in implementation, setup and customization of systems based on the following Open Source products:

  • Alfresco: The ultimate platform for Document Management, it is a key part of the L.DOM solution and also used in our custom projects.
  • Liferay Portal: Using Liferay Portal, Linecom develops customized portals according to the customer’s needs. We have also developed integration projects with other products such as Alfresco or Zimbra, the email server.
  • JBOSS AP: Our recommended reference application server solution, also used internally by Linecom. Our wide knowledge of the product’s variations allow us to offer superior training, installation and administration services..
  • Linux: We have experience in several Linux distributions, especially in Red Hat and Ubuntu.
  • Jasper Server: The JasperSoft solution for dynamic reporting. It’s a comprehensive Business Intelligence system, perfect for data analysis and individualized reporting.


Linecom can implement either the community version (if the license allows it) or the commercial version of these products. In both cases, we offer services to support the implemented solution.