Systems integration projects

Linecom’s specialty is the development of customized projects. We do this with our extensive experience in Java, its associated libraries and Open Source tools.

Our team has focused its expertise on what we call the “Java Server” environment, which means making the most of the Java virtual machine and application servers.
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Linecom has its own development framework, created from our experience, documented best  practices, and design patterns. It guarantees top-quality development under the stability and performance given by the Java virtual machine.

This framework defines the procedures to be followed by the development teams, following a three-layer architecture and implementing the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.
We use the full potential of EJB3 specification for service development, complementing the Spring Framework and other freeware libraries.

For data access development, we use an implementation of JPA based on hibernate.
For view development of web applications we use  JSF/Facelets and Spring Webflow. We are currently developing mobile applications using iOS and Android,  implementing REST for the application server’s communication.

We develop customized projects. We make the following commitments to our clients:

  • To support the customer while they draft project requirements.
  • To run technical and functional analysis, and UML design.
  • To provide a technical consultation to define the application architecture, tools and development technology.
  • To develop the project.
  • To install and implement the system.
  • To provide post-implementation support.